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No password?  ... Well, enjoy the pretty pictures !

Since you're here, I would like to show you the most beautiful place I have seen thus far ... the Lauterbrunnen valley, Switzerland

"a few of my favorite things ..."

The view from Obersteinberg

The "BachAlpSee" ... the Brook (fed) Alpine Lake
Flowers in summer ... all you hear are the jingling bells of cows, goats ... and the wind
(no, not the jingling bells of the wind, just the wind)

Spring time brings tiny beautiful flowers (our first visit was May 2005)

In spring and summer you will hear distant avalanches and see pieces of them pouring down like a river
through rocky crevaces.  These are glaciers further up the valley.

The Jungfrau by moonlight ...

The first snows in autumn ... we've walked that path at the right ... you just want to sing!  (and I did)

There she is, the Jungfrau (young lady) - she is protected from the Eiger (Ogre) by the Monch (Monk).
When you can see all three, it's Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau (left to right)

Looking at Gimmelwald from a path above.  At the left you see the schoolhouse, and the cables for the cable car.