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No, this isn't a site about cousin Johann.  For that, I suggest The Bach Haus, or the Baroque Music page,  or Wikipedia -- but see "Johann" below!

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My grandfather said we're cousins, but the records were lost or destroyed during the war.  Some German friends may chuckle at that, as in "oh ja, sure, everybody has a famous cousin."  To which I politely say: "tough beans."  My Grandad's words are good enough for me.  My Dad, Oliver Lindbergh Bach, visited Eisenach during WWII and wrote back that he had "visited the old home town."  Regardless, Johann, like my Dad and Grandad, were all wonderful men, and serve as great examples.  They each were very good at what they did, worked and lived with integrity and kindness, and raised great families as caring husbands and fathers.

Wiesbaden is where I work and it's a great town.  My Dad was stationed here in World War II.
(as well as Landsberg am der Lech, and Bovingdon, England)

This is the Markt Kirch ... a bit unusual, as it is all brick
Here we are at Robert & Lorena's wedding on 7/7/07

Here's a photo Cousin Will took in front of our house in June '06